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About Me

Computer Technical Support for People, Small Business and Institutions

When you're large enough to have tech support needs, but too small to require a fulltime IT person, we have your solution!  Over 13 years supporting small business needs from real estate offices to schools, restaurants to work-at-home, I know your needs.


  1. Malware Removal (virus, trojan, pop-ups, website redirects) - A Specialty Since 2001

  2. Hardware - Desktop repairs for most PCs

  3. Speeding Up Slow Computers

  4. File Transfers to New Computers

  5. Small Networks

  6. Security Cameras

  7. NEW - Metered Wi-Fi for Cafes, Bars, Laundromats, Restaurants, Hotels, Hostels, Marinas and Boat Clubs, etc.  Now you can run wi-fi without the congestion and the nasty copyright violation letters!  That's because we have new technology to restrict access to Bit Torrent and other copyright violators, as well as limit online browsing time.  Turn your cafe tables FASTER by limiting access per person.  You can issue access codes OR NOT!  We can set up a system you can own outright or you can rent from us monthly!  Control your wi-fi access and leave enough bandwidth so you can run your office, too, all on the same internet connection!

Wi-Fi for Hotels, Cafes

Actual hotel installation
Top-speed wireless installations for unlimited time hotel use, metered cafe use, pay-as-you-go use, many options.  First we'll walk through your business and create a proposal and map, if applicable. After installation we'll also do a real-time signal strength walk-through to make sure that the service meets your expectations.  

Security Cameras

Actual school installation
We (my assistant and I) can set up your security cameras for day and night use (including automatic night-vision infrared lighting, shown above). 

You can view the cameras from your office, home, or from anywhere around the world with special secure, password-protected viewing software.  Recordings are preserved up to 2 weeks using 4 to 16 cameras, and you can review and save the videos from your office or via the Internet.


Actual office configuration map
I map it out for you!  Most computer support people keep all their connection info in their heads.  This can be a problem if they're not available to help you when you have trouble.  But I won't leave you in a lurch!  We'll document the installation so that there are no mysteries.  Should decide to use someone else for tech support in the future, our installation is printed for you, clearly and distinctly.

Full Accounting

Actual invoice

All statements and invoices list the work done so that there is never any mystery about charges.  We also keep our records long-term if you need to go back over any past statement.

Camera Specialties

Point of sale monitoring
Point of Sale Monitoring
Nighttime infrared monitoring of low/no light levels
Daytime and Night Vision
Actual stock room monitoring installation
Stockroom Monitoring
Actual front of store monitoring
Break-In & Vandalism Monitoring

Examples of actual security webcams in place. Note that video can be saved for 2 weeks and can be downloaded at the server or remotely.

Computer Labs

Computer lab installation for preschool

Whether you have a small or large computer lab, we can maintain your computers, doing regular virus scans, service updates, and hardware and other maintenance.  If you have parental settings to block website access, we can deploy them across all computers.  We also give hardware recommendations if you're building a computer lab from scratch or refurbishing an existing lab.

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