Rates in effect as of July 1, 2014. 

  • Regular Rate - $100 per hour, prorated after the first hour, for on-site visits to your office, usually a 1 to 2 day lead time necessary.
  • Payment - COD means cash/check on delivery, no billing except by prior arrangement. Because I do not carry accounts, I don't suffer losses, so I am able to keep my prices lower than competitors. 
  • Express Service Rate - $200 per hour, for the "drop what we're doing" service, usually within 1 hour. 
  • Travel - Travel is included in the rates above, for San Francisco, San Mateo County south to Redwood City and Pacifica.  Marin and Eastbay west of the Berkeley Hills are a $20 surcharge, and east of the Berkeley Hills, a $30 surcharge
  • 60-Day Guarantee - a 60-day guarantee on my work is included in all rates above.  Hardware guarantees are separate and depend on the hardware involved. 
  • Receipt or Statement - I will gladly email you a PDF copy of your statement, including the exact work I did and any hardware charges.  I keep these for an extended period of time, so you can contact me any time for a copy. 

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